Dec 9, 2023 Our paper Task-Aware Self-Supervised Framework for Dialogue Discourse Parsing gets accepted by Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2023! :sparkles: :smile:
May 1, 2023 Our paper PAED: Zero-Shot Persona Attribute Extraction in Dialogues gets accepted in ACL 2023! :sparkles: :smile:
Feb 11, 2023 Our paper SKIER A Symbolic Knowledge Integrated Model for Conversational Emotion Recognition gets accepted in AAAI 2023! :sparkles: :smile:
Oct 21, 2022 A paper gets accpeted in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing! :sparkles: :smile:
Sep 27, 2021 A paper gets accpeted in Knowledge-Based Systems! :sparkles: :smile: